We are excited to announce the promotions of  Rachel Greenhawk, Alek De Mott, and Greta Crispen to Project Designer.

Rachel Greenhawk is a designer focused on horticultural and equitable design. At MYKD, she has focused on researching planting strategies with a concentration on native and high-value patch ecologies. Her recent work includes the development of Mass General Brigham’s Ambulatory Center in Salem, the renovation of ‘The Pryde’ – Boston’s first LGBTQ friendly senior housing project, and is currently overseeing the planting strategies for the TMC3 Innovation Parks. Before joining MYKD, Rachel worked for the National Park Service, maintaining historic gardens in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Alek De Mott has a background in landscape architecture and architecture. He is particularly interested in his projects’ connection with site histories and culture. Alek is a design coordinator for Ford’s Michigan Central and the University of Virginia’s Institute for Biotechnology. He has a passion for hiking, biking, and kayaking and was a former kayaking guide in coastal Virginia.

Greta Crispen brings experience in architecture throughout the east coast to her work at MYKD along with careful consideration for urban design. She is currently project coordinator for the Bal Harbour Jetty and MIT’s Eastman And McDermott Courts. She manages the educational mentorship program in our studio part of which includes a weekly rigorous workshop for our design professionals.