Architect Magazine’s article, Nine Architectural Lighting Designers Identify Innovations and Ideas for 2020 and Beyond, profiles nine studios from across the country for our industry-changing lighting advancements.

As our urban environments have become increasingly densified, meeting the needs of neighborhoods and individual residents is one of the most important challenges faced by designers. At MYKD, we are implementing a more efficient use of energy with smart technologies that can manage a city’s lighting needs in a surgical way rather than on wholesale grids that have traditionally shaped the way we move through cities. Ultimately, lighting innovations are about linking to data and the internet to reduce energy consumption. Meteorological, our cities are under immense stress from storms, flooding, and increased volatility in the weather. These smart technology systems can help monitor changes so that urban lighting grids are more responsive, targeted, and efficient. These technologies can also help designers make cities safer, more efficient, and healthier for everyone.

Our landscape lighting work prioritizes protecting the night sky from light pollution. Not only do we reduce wasted energy, but we can also have an impact on overall carbon dioxide emissions. Nighttime exposure to lighting has been shown to be harmful to our health, especially in cities. Landscape lighting, when poorly done, has been shown to increase the risk for sleep disorders, obesity, and depression because artificial light alters our circadian sleep rhythms.

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