Bal Harbour 96th Street Gateway

Project Location: Bal Harbour, FL

Client: Village of Bal Harbour

As an important portals to the Bal Harbour beaches along 96th Street, this project creates an ecological gateway that frames the view.   A pedestrian focused street with unique “tidal” paving patterns define a future gathering space with amphitheater seating and amenities.  Specialty site furnishings, such as plug and play zones, showers, and sea-view chairs connect visitors to this amazing view.   Furthermore, accessible ramps, handrails and slip-resistant surfaces throughout the site ensure that the waterfront experience is available to all.

The Bal Harbour Gateway creates a progressive vision that highlights the goals and ambitions of this active community of residents and tourists.  The plan brings together three distinct objectives: the improvement of civic spaces for residents and visitors, improving resiliency and sustainability, and creating a new vision for coastal placemaking.