• A place for the people to catch some freshness beside the many skyscrapers in the city center of Seoul.
  • BDN65A Cheonggyecheon River in Seoul South Korea. Image shot 09/2009. Exact date unknown.

Cheonggyecheon Urban Renewal

Part of an ambitious redevelopment initiative that transformed the urban fabric of Seoul, Mikyoung Kim Design designed the source point of this 7-mile river and recreational greenway.  This initiative restored the Cheonggyecheon Stream, which for decades had been covered by an elevated highway.  The overarching project has been effective in mitigating air pollution by allowing greater wind passage through this area and has also decreased the urban heat island phenomenon that existed prior to the river restoration.  The ecosystem of the Cheonggyecheon Stream is also restored with over 213 new species of birds, fish and other organisms.  The purification system has brought the water quality level to Class II, allowing for the public to safely reengage the water.  The design also addresses the once catastrophic flooding that occurred during the monsoon season by accommodating fluctuating water levels.  The environmental restoration effort has created a new paradigm for civic greenways that integrates human and ecological resiliency.