UMass Lowell’s Pulichino Tong Business Center

Project Location: Lowell, MA

Client: Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance

Architect: Cambridge Seven Associates

This plaza, located at a key campus corner, was designed to act as a multi-purpose, outdoor gathering space for the North Campus Innovation District when UMass Lowell added its new business school center.  The interactive plaza provides flexible open space that serves as a venue for outdoor events, lectures, and presentations, along with an integrated green.  Along the streetscape, tiers of perimeter gardens provide seasonal variation and interest, accommodate challenging grading, and serve as a low maintenance way to provide character along Riverside Street.  Seating opportunities throughout provide a place for students and staff to co-mingle.  The banded paving pattern delineates  pedestrian circulation routes to the PTBC, Lydon Library, and Alumni Hall.