The Alexander Plaza

Project Location: West Palm Beach, FL

The Alexander Plaza fronts a mixed use development with an art focused neighborhood park for informal neighborhood gatherings and passive activities. Located near a retail street, this plaza creates a featured amenity for visitors and local residents alike. A sculptural seating piece made of laminated natural stone slabs acts as a rain garden, managing storm water. The project uses all native stone materials and drapes these materials across the site to create a wave-like form, referencing the local geology of the Florida peninsula. Surrounding the stone pavers and sculptural bench is a grass landscape that provides a carpet of green, which envelops the stone island oasis. Visitors can sit in the shade of the canopy trees and view the integral art piece, or interact with the sculpture itself, finding ways to sit, stand, lie and climb.  The striations from the laminated stone slabs represents the groundswell of cultures that have influenced the region.

Image credit: Mark La Rosa and Robin Hill