NoMa Underpass Competition

Project Location: Washington, DC

Client: NoMa Parks Foundation

Our team was selected as a finalist in this competition to transform four underpasses into light-filled, artistic spaces and improve the experience for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic. Our entry included an installation that transforms the M Street underpass into a rich and vibrant experience. A woven metal fabric creates an undulating canopy that creates a monochromatic color field moving from East to West with cool blue tones inspired by the movement of water. This fluid light field creates a dynamic destination that is interactive and becomes a colorful and immersive light experience at night. The L Street Underpass was transformed by an organic canopy structure; as trains move above, springs on canopy edges echo the vibrations from the movement above. This urban forest cast was designed to dapple light on the ground plane.

The project was a partnership between the NoMa Parks Foundation, the District of Columbia government, WMATA, and Amtrak.