Farrar Pond Garden

Project Location: Lincoln, MA

This garden is situated within a three-acre native hardwood forest overlooking Farrar Pond, one of the many ponds linked to Walden Pond, the location of Thoreau’s historic home. The design intent was to harmonize contemporary materials and design elements with this native plant palate and kettle/kame geology.  A rich tapestry of native plants that transform over the seasons weaves seamlessly with the existing forest. The landscape design reflects the client’s deep respect for land stewardship while asserting a contemporary design language that also responds to their interest in art and sculpture.

Within the bucolic native New England forest, MYKD designed a sculpture that weaves through the native plant material and undulates with the kame and kettle land forms.  Conceived of as a flexible structure, the sculpture was formed on the site and opens and closes with the transformations of the ground plane. CorTen steel members are stacked to create a dynamic form that both contains and defines the property in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Image credit: Charles Mayer and Christopher Baker


American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Award