A new video series, Constructing Landscape, features insights from a group of landscape architecture leaders about industry trends and challenges to federal projects. The series was created by Christian Gabriel, Design Director of the General Services Administration, to educate and inspire the agency’s design and construction staff.

Mikyoung Kim shares her perspective on shaping richly-layered civic experiences. In her conversations with Gabriel, Mikyoung explores the multi-sensory nature of landscape architecture. “Landscape is an incredibly rich palette of materials and systems,” she explains.  “And I think it really asks of us to go beyond the visual and to look at how we smell things, how we touch things, and how those experiences shape our understanding of space.” She also discusses how design can engage visitors throughout the seasons and into the future.

Watch the series, and hear more from Mikyoung in the sections entitled “Material and Perspective” and “Designing with Time”: