Last month, Mikyoung, Bryan, and Ian accepted the Firm of the Year Award at the American Society of Landscape Architect’s annual President’s dinner in San Francisco. The highest honor given to a landscape architecture firm, the ASLA bestowed this award on Mikyoung Kim Design for its influence on the future of the profession and the consistent quality of the team’s work. We were thrilled to share this award with our leadership that night-Jess Hamilton, Emmett Gregory, Yufan Gao, Margaret Gerhart and Hyosun Yoon.

“We are so honored that our studio’s work in creating more resilient communities across the globe has been recognized by the ASLA. We are so honored to receive this capstone award. For twenty five years we have been focused on transformational urban design at the intersection between human health, social justice and environmental resiliency,” says Mikyoung Kim.