If you’re attending this year’s American Public Gardens Association conference, be sure to catch Mikyoung as a plenary speaker on June 18th.

This year’s conference theme, Thrive Together: Diversity Grows Gardens, celebrates public landscapes’ powerful role in shaping our world, while also renewing our sense of purpose in making them accessible and welcoming to all.

Mikyoung will discuss projects such as the McIntire Botanic Garden in Charlottesville, Virginia and the Trustees’ Long Hill and Sedgwick Gardens on Massachusetts’ North Shore, as well as her restorative gardens throughout the United States. Practicing the ethos of human-centered design, her firm creates memorable and innovative projects that resonate with diverse and inclusive audiences.

The conference will take place from June 17 – 21 in Washington, D.C. Register now at: https://2019.publicgardens.org/2019-conference-public-gardens-washington-dc-thrive/2019-conference-registration