In Design: Material Research

For Boston Children's Hospital, our team is developing a unique resin lamination system that will clad the vent structures in the Wishingstone Garden and create a luminous structure at night.

On Site: Reclamation of History

Within our 21-acre park in Detroit, we are working to salvage historic structures within the future park to maintain a piece of mobility history.

On Site: An Edible Ecosystems

Included in our 42-acre masterplan is this amazing natural ecosystem that produces food- planted and maintained by Wellesley students, faculty and staff.

In the Studio: Mockups

CNC'd foam mockups of granite and cast bronze critters for Boston Children's Hospital.

In Design: Remote Collaboration

We've been exploring new tools for collaboration during the pandemic to work together safely.

On Site: Construction

The new entrance to Harvard's Countway Library is starting to take shape!

In the Studio: Inspiration

We love this piece about bird nests as meta-material and the complexities of their artistic engineering. There is a lot to learn from their resilient and flexible use of the natural world and found materials.

In the Neighborhood: Engagement

Yufan Gao and Jess Hamilton had so much fun building treehouses out of found objects with Boston's future young designers- their creativity, precision and determination were inspiring!