In the Studio: Mockups

CNC'd foam mockups of granite and cast bronze critters for Boston Children's Hospital.

In Design: Remote Collaboration

We've been exploring new tools for collaboration during the pandemic to work together safely.

On Site: Construction

The new entrance to Harvard's Countway Library is starting to take shape!

In the Studio: Inspiration

We love this piece about bird nests as meta-material and the complexities of their artistic engineering. There is a lot to learn from their resilient and flexible use of the natural world and found materials.

In the Neighborhood: Engagement

Yufan Gao and Jess Hamilton had so much fun building treehouses out of found objects with Boston's future young designers- their creativity, precision and determination were inspiring!

In Design: Research

Here is an in-depth study of artificial reefs using e-concrete to create modular systems for healthier and more sustainable marine life habitats.

In Design: Research

We are obsessed with Solar Analemmas! These are photos of the Sun at the same time each day from a fixed position. With the tilting of Earth as it orbits the sun- it creates a figure 8- out of all of the planets close to the Sun, only Earth sees this shape.

In Design: Fabrication

Our custom seating elements for the Boylston Realignment project at Boston Commons are shaping up! Ian Downing is inspecting the details of this wood and stainless bench. It will be a part of a larger installation that will enhance and expand the pedestrian realm in front of Emerson College.

On Site: Installation

Installation of mirror and dichroic glass to create oversized kaleidoscopes found on the 14th Street Bridge in DC.

In the Studio: Collaboration

Pop into our studio and you're likely to find a huddle deep in thought trying to develop a design concept or detail.

In the Details: Engagement

This carved wooden bench encourages hands-on exploration, which cues a sound score activated by touch.

In the Studio: Modeling

Studying structural flexibility and movement for a CorTen fence inspired by the photo studies of Etienne-Jules Marey.

In the Neighborhood: Engagement

We are always learning from the community and our process begins with listening.

On Site: Fabrication

Bryan Chou in Miami, placing recycled glass to create fluid movement in the paving.

On Site: Research

Studying the layering of native woodland paint material within a birch grove garden.

In Design: Fabrication

A full scale mockup studying the layering of digital fabrication of limestone at the Alexander Plaza in Florida.

Out of the Archives

A wind study of this plaza in Boston showed that the most intense forces occur at the property edges, leading to a conceptual vision that highlights the phenomena of wind on the site.

In the Sudio: Modeling

Our work is about using all of the tools! Building models cocurrently with Rhino 3D models to understand the layering of materials in this sculptural amphitheater.

In the Neighborhood: Engagement

Collaboration with the community continues through construction. Here we are sharing a marble fountain wall with patients at the Crown Sky Garden in Chicago.

In Design: Drawing

Developing a detailed understanding of the properties of light as it reflects from various reflective surfaces in this lighthouse project along the Potomac River.

On Site: Construction

Inspecting the 5-axis CNC routed stone planter walls that are inspired by the movement of the wind.

In Design: Fabrication

Mockups of the wind vane caps for the light columns at the Plaza at 888 Boylston. Ultimately, we decided on the folded option.

On Site: Engagement

Watching these reclaimed wood play structures transform over the seasons are an amazing lesson in the natural process.

In the Neighborhood: Engagement

Our visit to the Henry Ford Academy in Detroit was an inspiring week proving the importance of emphasizing creativity early!

In the Details: Research

Creating a mockup for Northeastern's Krentzman Quad studying the layering of stone and glass with the fabricator.

On Site: Construction

Our team oversees the installation of these stepped amphitheater benches at Boston University to make sure all the details come together. These seats will allow for a much-needed community gathering space and outdoor performance opportunities.

In Design: Ecogradients

Understanding the use of urban wilds in the planting strategies for a park in Houston. From the Bayou to the Piney Forest to the Savanah plant palette, the master plan for this 37-acre park creates a microcosm of plant habitats that provide human healthfulness.

In Design: Sharing Options

We explored options for a walkable sky canopy studying structural options for this canopy walk.

On Site: Research

Working with The Trustees at Long Hill and Sedgwick Gardens, we have created a conservation plan to save most of these amazing heritage trees! The Copper Beach tree in all of its mature glory is a lesson in patience watching it grow carefully, slowly each year.

On Site: Resiliency

Every summer, the Chongae River and Greenway becomes an urban stormwater retention basin on a massive scale. Managing more than 250,000 tons of surface and subsurface runoff each day!

In Construction: Testing Scale

Rightsizing the landscape elements so that they work together effectively is one of the most important challenges. At the Prudential Plaza we created full scale wood mockup to test the height and location of all the custom wind vanes and adjusted accordingly.

On Site: Art Integration

Every summer, the Chongae River and Greenway is filled with Art Installations that celebrate the ebb and flow of this urban amenity that addresses pressing resiliency issues in Seoul.

In the Studio: Drawing

An initial pastel sketch of the interactive resin wall at the Lurie Children's Hospital Crown Sky Garden. The layers interlock to create a nested form that is luminous and colorful.

In Design: Fabrication

Working closely with fabricators, we tested numerous custom perforation patterns in this stainless steel bench that casts shadow patterns on the ground at the Blue Line stop at UNC Charlotte.

In the Details: Research

For this healing garden in Miami, we spent six months developing a custom pattern that directed rain water and collected mist through the garden.

In the Neighborhood: Engagement

Casting patients' hands in a gelatin mold at the Lurie Children's Hospital to create bronze hands in the garden that are interactive with sound.

In Design: Sustainability

Looking for alternatives to lawn in the garden? We did a test plot in this garden in Lincoln, Massachusetts to study various steppable plants nestled between planks of bluestone pavers. From sagina to thyme, this transforming green tapestry is a sustainable and low maintenance alternative.

In the Neighborhood: Engagement

Ian Downing had a blast in a community session in New York City showing families what it means to design a park that is resilient and healthful.

On Site: Paving Mockup

In Tangiers, Morocco, we are creating an abstraction of a carpet paving pattern. In this mockup, various stone typologies are shown. We selected the middle option of stone color and finish.

On Site: Resiliency

As flash flooding along the Skokie River becomes a more frequent occurrence, the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Regenstein Learning Center becomes a model of resiliency. A garden for learning that is also a stormwater storage site during peak hours.

In Design: Fabrication

These hand-etched panels on granite are studies for an entry identity discovery wall at Boston Children's Hospital.

In Design: Fabrication

Overseeing the fabrication of custom panels for a lighting bench in the Seaport of Boston at Pier 4 Plaza.

In the Studio: Inspiration

Part of our process is finding inspiration in unexpected places. See Mikyoung's inspiration wall-fashion design to physics to industrial design, there's so much that can inspire us!

On Site: Research

The realignment of Boylston Street at Boston Common has begun. We are excited to bring this vision that will create a more pedestrian focused redesigned sidewalk to the campus of Emerson College.

In the Neighborhood: Engagement

Our final community presentation for the McIntire Botanical Garden! These moments are important milestones for us- sharing the tapestry of ecology, art, architecture and resiliency into a conceptual framework.

In the Neighborhood: Engagement

As part of the community engagement process for Boston Children's Hospital's Green Master Plan, we worked closely with the patient groups and their families to understand their aspirations for the seven new gardens that we are currently designing.

In the Studio: Sketches

Our process is a hybrid one. During the exploration phase of design, we are using many tools, including hand sketches. This one is one of the initial conceptual drawings for a project with The Trustees of Reservation.

On Site: Research

Honoring the site and its horticultural assets! Developing long term goals for tree restoration and enhancement planting to ensure another hundred years for the 114 acre Sedgwick Gardens.

In Design: Fabrication

We often fine tune the detailing of the architectural elements in the landscape during the mockup phase of design. With this bench for the John Hancock Roof Terrace, we were focused on the way in which this sinuous wood seating element would roll up the existing I.M. Pei design vent structure.

In Conversation: Panel Discussion

Being a part of the ongoing discussion about design with the Cooper Hewitt Museum. Thank you CH for being such an amazing advocate for designers!

On Site: Green Roof

Ecological systems are an integral part of the curriculum at the Rogers School- green roofs and resiliency strategies shape the landscape identity.

In Conversation: Community Engagement

A once in a lifetime experience- presenting the Detroit Midtown District Vision Plan in the Detroit Institute of Art, framed by the Diego Rivera murals.

In the Details: Research

One of the many studies of materials and fabrication for this complex geologic bench- an exercise in layering limestone and utilizing the latest technology to carve them.

In Design: Material Studies

For the gateway design for the Sellwood Bridge in Portland, Oregon, we spent nearly a year studying the layering of various metals to create a set of totems that are viewed at 45 miles per hour!

On Site: Tiled Mockup

Inspired by the intricate and colorful tiling throughout Tangiers, we are creating these custom planters with an intricate patterning of blue tiles along the Tanja harborwalk.

On Break: Office Retreat

Twice a year, we get together to unwind and play. Here, Bryan Chou has created a contraption that is a designer's brain teaser for the team.

Out of the Archives: Preservation

Soil was preserved from the Prouty Garden to use in the creation of the seven new gardens. Working closely with the community and the Prouty family to honor the memory of this place.

In Design: Programming

Understanding the performative options for the BU Booth Theater was part of this study of scale and programming. This theater project creates indoor and outdoor opportunities for the arts.

In the Studio: Modeling

Constructed hand models are an important part of our process- for the mist fountain at Chapel Hill, we studied many folded perforation options with these mylar printed models.

In Design: Research

As part of a mural in Portland, Oregon, we created a series of holographic images highlighting the seasonal transformation.

In the Studio: Sketches

In our work, we often create these initial sketches that are a crucial step in developing the integration of art and landscape.

In the Community: Engagement

Our leadership takes pride in going out into the local community and working with the next generation to talk about the impact of global warming and the importance of human health and well-being in our every day lives.

In Design: Research

Our work in each project is focused on the multi-sensory experience. For a year, we studied the possibility of an interactive auditory experience for the Dulles Airport with sounds from nature.

In Design: Fabrication

The selection of stone is a crucial first step in our customized process. Each block has a unique geologic story to tell.

On Site: Reclaiming Materials

At the Chicago Botanic Garden, we used reclaimed boulders uncovered during construction for play structures and geologic discovery.

In Conversation: Extreme Design Challenge

At the National ASLA Conference, we worked with Dumbarton Oaks and the ASLA to develop a forum for students to discuss landscape issues that are relevant to them.

On Site: Resiliency

As part of the stormwater management systems the Chicago Botanic Garden Learning Campus was all about managing cut and fill- creating these play landforms while maintaining stormwater volumes in the basin.

In Construction: Fabrication

From sketch to installation, these fitted glass floor panels are enlarged cellular patterns of diseased cells. The glass panels are interactive as visitors and scientists at this laboratory pass through the lobby.

In the Studio: Modeling

From hand cut models to laser cut ones, we are always studying the scale of our work. In these study models made from paper we were researching the way that perception works on highways- how we see in seconds! It was a way of understanding how we can better design our everyday experience.